segunda-feira, julho 26, 2010

♫ Let me take you Dawn...

...'Cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields, Nothing is real, And nothing to get hung about,Strawberry Fields forever... ♫
                                     The Beatles

Well, first of all, I don't usually write in English... but today I woke up a little bit weird and having thoughts and the most freak it seems, speaking in English with myself.
  I even don't know if my readers can read my posts this way, but I think that the post is more to me than to other person.

This week, was the most intersting of my vacations, was my birthday, so... I think was to be it. Not that my b'day is big deal, but some things comes to make us to think different. Some thoughts that i had, there isn't in my mind anymore, and the same thing with actions. 

I'm sixteen, and I descovered that I can be child and an adult in the same time, I don't need to worry with other's worries, if you can understand me. It's only myself and this is the most important to me now.
 I feel stupid sometimes, stupid to want some things, wish some things, stupid to try deciphering indecipherable things...

But over all, I descovered that I can make mistakes, because I'm human and I make human things, and more than a simply human, I'm a girl (sometimes a little girl) and make girls things is more than natural, is essential. 

This is me.

Kisses for all.

Ps: Sorry for my terrible English.

3 comentários:

  1. oie, adorei o blog *-*
    estou seguindo, segue o meu tbm?

    Um beijo *-*

  2. Amei aquiii, tudo muito fofo!
    Vou voltar mais vzs.

    Bjos flor;**

  3. é vc tem razão, nem todas blogueiras podem ler seu Blog, mais como eu não passo por um blog sem ler pelo menos 1 post eu fui até o tradutor google e li seu texto em português! rs.
    Saudade de ter 16 aninhos! Aproveita muito!

    To seguindo, beijos *


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